Add some Miao to your home

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Add some Miao to your home

Hand made textiles from the province Guizhou

For years I collected Miao textiles. This Chinese minority migrated from Mongolia to the province Guizhou in South China within the last 2000 years. The Miao people are experts in embroidered textiles. The huge diversity in textile techniques is famous all over the world. One story about why the Miao textiles are of such a high standard is because they do not have a written language. Supposedly  their alphabet is embroidery on textiles. Everything they want to communicate, they share through embroidery. It is not always easy to recognise the Miao textiles because of the huge variety. Of the 113 minorities living in China the Maio is the one with the most exquisit embroidery technics.

They begin with colours. The Miao create their own blue dye from the indigo plant. The recipes are secrets well kept, even then Japanese have been trying to figure out how to recreate this hue of indigo blue.

Also important are the stitches. Miao artists use a normal stitch but the stitches are so small that you cannot believe they are made without glasses!

What makes recognition difficult is the fact that every village has their own embroidered costumes; a skirt, an apron, jacket and headwear. But there is also the freedom to make you costume out of garments bought on the market. Which means it is not unlikely that the piece which is used in the costume in one village actually came from another village.

The jewellery is from silver, silver plated or an alloy is used.

Every summer one can see the enormous variation in costumes when they attend the festivals.

Maybe you are thinking, what can I do with textiles that I cannot wear? It is an unique addition to use as decoration in your interior - and also makes for a great dinner conversation starter.

See the pictures below and become fascinated by the unique appearance these textiles give to your interior.

Just hang them on a small coat hanger on the wall, play with a contrasting color and use them as objects to be admired.

Click HERE to view many hats in different styles, rectangular shaped babycarriers, among other things that are easy to hang the on the wall, just like you would hang a painting.

Quirky shoes in beautiful embroidery are also objects with a unique expression. Play with these textiles to freshen up your interior.