Home inspiration: How to Choose & Arrange Your Kilim Pillows

Home inspiration: How to Choose & Arrange Your Kilim Pillows

Kilim cushions are one of the easiest ways to change up the look of your living room. These Fairtrade and unique pillows are inexpensive, come in different sizes and are perfect for adding a pop of color in your home decor. Especially in these times that we are spending so much time at home I wanted to write a blogpost of how you can recreate the magic of Kilim cushions in your own home.  

The good thing about pillows is that there are no rules, so have fun and play around with different colors and patterns. 
You can combine these hand woven Kilim cushions to create a granny chic look but they can also be incorporated in a very trendy and even modern design. Let me explain, how to work with these different hues and designs. In the pictures below you see the Kilim 40x40 Mex B, styled against several distinct backdrops. A contrasting background can really emphasise the brightness of the orange or the intensity of the blue. 

Shirdak Mex B Kilim

Are you struggling to find the right Kilim cushion for your interior? I will help you. 

  1. Write down your favourite colour on a paper

  2. Have a look around your interior, what color palette is used on the floor, walls and main furniture items? For most of us we end up with two or three colors that we will refer to as our base colors. Write these down. 

  3. Do you have additional colors used in your living decor? think of curtains, lamps, small furniture or other accessories. Write these down. 

  4. Are there any styles you prefer? Some examples are a modern design, classic look, country chic or Ibiza style. If you do not have any preference, don't worry - it will become clear when you start decorating and playing around. 

  5. Have a look at these cushions in the Shirdak shop. Write down the 3 cushions you like the most. The sizes 40x40 and 50x50 are suitable for your chair and/or couch. We recommend the 60x60 size to decorate your patio furniture or use these pillows to sit on the floor, near the fireplace, tv area or lounge.

Now, have a look at your list!  

An interior with neutral base colors, like white, grey and black will suit any cushion. Bright colors will make for a real eye-catcher in your interior design. 

If you have prominent tone in your interior, like red wall, or blue floor we recommend a selection of cushions that are more neutral such as beige, grey and dark blue. You can take it a step further by letting the prominent color return in your Kilim. So, if you have turquoise wall, you choose a cushion with some turquoise elements. Of course, these tips and guidelines can help you as a rule of thumb but most important is that you love how the cushions accentuate your living space. 

To create a Modern style go for geometric shapes, neutral colors, large and prominent patterns rather than small and detailed such as stripes or cushions in one color. Less is more. 

Shirdak Modern Kilim Cushions

For a more Classical feel go for autumn colors such as warm red, orange and beige in the Kilim patterns that you like most.Shirdak Kilim Cushions

For a fun and funky Ibiza layout comibne bright colors like pink, purple and curry yellow. And don't be afraid to mix stripes and patterns. 

Ibiza interior design Shirdak Kilim

These Kilim cushions make for the perfect gift to give (or get). Let us know at the checkout if you want to include a nice note for the lucky receiver. If you want the kilims for your own home, but are still not sure which ones are the best match for your interior you can e-mail info@shirdak.nl for personal styling advice.